Ian Snow Hand Painted 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet With Mehandi Work, Braiding and Tassels

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Imagine if you will, a bedside cabinet that thinks it’s a sofa and this might be the kind of thing you will see in your mind’s eye. Now open your eyes. Yep, it exists. We don’t quite know how it does it, but this two-drawer cabinet manages to retain elegance, poise and beauty. On paper, the gold tassels, gold paint, detailed mismatched mehandi-style pattern, colour, colour and more colour spells gaudy, and yet here it is. A gorgeous, dainty and yes, understated item of handmade and hand-painted furniture. Sofa, so good!
  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand-painted
  • A little bit of everything and yet …
  • Elegant and understated (yes, we don’t know either, but here it is!)

Dimensions: W: 46cm D: 30cm H: 76cm

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